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What must people with acne prone skin consume for clearer skin?

For me, it%26#039;s not so much about what I consume, but what products I apply to my skin.

I use the Clear Skin Regimen at It%26#039;s a non-profit (so it%26#039;s free), the guy who created used to suffer from pimples himself. The system works wonders on my face, and its helped countless other people. The best part is that you don%26#039;t have to order or buy any expensive treatments, everything you need for the Regimen can be found at your local drugstore. Find out more at the website.

In general, for clear skin it helps if you: don%26#039;t touch/pick at your skin, drink lots of water, wash your hair frequently, change your pillowcases, exercise, wear little make-up (or if needed, hypo-allergenic makeup), and minimize stress.|||Reduce or eliminate sugars, caffeine, nicotine, hydrogenated oils, processed wheats, and dairy. Drink plenty of water, fresh food -- fruits and vegetables. Laugh, and have fun with life. I%26#039;ve enclosed a few sites to get you started. ;)|||try here for acne tips|||Most people think a bad diet, lots of sugar, and greasy food cause acne. I%26#039;ve heard acne is something set up genetically. There are no foods that can help clear up the skin. Water of course will help keep you healthier, but I don%26#039;t think it has an effect on break-outs. Talk to your doctor about some solutions. Acutain (I think that%26#039;s how you spell it), is a very popular choice of medicine to help clear up and prevent acne. However, any time you use medication for treatment, there could be side effects. Your doctor can help you pick the best treatment for your skin type.|||lots of water!|||Some say a healthier diet in general helps clear acne, but if your acne%26#039;s really bad, see a dermatologist.|||Consume as in eat? Drink plenty of water. Stay away from fatty, greasy and spicy foods.

As far as products for your skin: try Proactiv or Clinique%26#039;s 3 Step System.

Can anybody recommend a good moisturiser for acne prone skin?

I would say Dermalogica have some of the BEST products around. They cater for all different skin types and conditions. I use a Dermalogica oil control moisturiser and find it great.

Dermalogica don%26#039;t sell over the counter, you have to go to a salon and no therapist should sell the products without a free consultation (this is to meet the individual needs of the client). They have a special consultaion technique called %26quot;face mapping%26quot; to get the best results possible!|||Try using something natural. I use Manuka honey! It is found in some supermarkets like Tescos and most health shops. Just spread it over the area, you can add some warm water to make it more runny. It is very medicinal, provides a barrier and is anti-bacterial. Great to eat or have in drinks as well. I find spots clear much quicker if I use this honey. Many websites where you can find information, just google it.|||Try Oil Control Lotion by Dermalogica...their products are excellent. They also do a skin kit for acne prone skin鈥?/a>|||dermalogica do a good range of products for acne prone skin.

if acne is very bad you can see a doctor, who can refer to you a dermatologist.|||

call them and they will ask you questions and suggest the best products. it really did miracles for me.|||Clindamiacin phosphate lotion. ask a dermatologist, works wonders for me and a few friends i know who use it.|||I%26#039;ve used Oil of Olay for a while until I got a gift card at a department store and went to my favorite makeup counter - CLINIQUE - and tried several new items. One of which was their moisturizer (yellow pump bottle) and then got a free gift that included an even better moisturizer (Moisture Surge). All three I%26#039;ve tried works, but I like CLINIQUE better. With using a good moisturizer, be sure to get a good cleanser as well.|||

All natural products use her Cleans and Polish to wash and exfoliate and her skin repair light for moisture. My skin has been great since using this stuff.|||oil control lotion by dermalogica. eliminates shine for hours, formulated with oil-absorbing microsponge technology and hydrating botanicals. naturally antisceptic, soothes inflammation and tightness and promotes healing. north west stockist 01942 272080|||Clean and Clear daily moisturiser is good, it%26#039;s about 拢3.29 but worth it even though its not that large a tube. I use it every day and night and it moisturises but doesn%26#039;t make my skin greasy at all!|||if you have a lot of spots it could be due to over production in your sebaceous glands i have really greasy skin and can get lots of spots if i am not carefull. i use clinique products , my skin is great now.|||water

I have slight acne prone skin what razor should i be using?

my skin is also always oily, and somtimes really dry.... so my basic question is what razor and shaving gel would you reccomend me getting? thanks!

am 18 years old and have been shaving for a year now|||Gillette Fusion. And I%26#039;ve been shaving since I was 13, lol...

What's the best makeup for acne prone skin?

I would like my skin to look glowing and fresh. but I break out easily. I have combination skin. very oily around the T-zone. I%26#039;ve found that powder highlights the hairs on my face. but i would like it to look glowing and natural. Thank you all so much! :)|||I think Neutrogena is really great if you have problem skin! it%26#039;s a little more expensive, but they hav all kinds of different products and depending on where you buy it they can have a pretty good selection of colors! hope that helps!|||Actually, you should begin w/proper care of your skin. From your description, it sounds like you have sensitive skin. Check out - they have everything for people with sensitive skin. Also, drink more water and eat more fruit and veggies.|||origins makes a good liquid foundation called stay tuned its for combination skin ive been using it for about 2 years and it hasn%26#039;t gave me break outs its also all natural and its very light so it allows your skin to breathe i also have a very oily t-zone and it helps cut down the oils a bit.鈥?/a>|||firstly, dont use bare minerals!!!!! its horrible. I tried it on today and it was so caky and was such a mask. I thought i tried it one once before, but I really tried on this product called AlisonRaffaele which is also a mineral make up, now that one is great and less$. Just stick it easy and get covergirl trublend. It covers fairly well and doesnt make a whole in your purse.|||fact: bare minerals is the number one mineral makeup in the world.

my mom uses it and now she looks more natural.she says that when she uses it, she can%26#039;t feel anything, meaning, it%26#039;s very light and doesn%26#039;t clog your pores.

you can buy it at bare escentuals or sephora or their website which are:|||Bare minerals. I had the exact same problems as you, and after using it for awhile, my face doesn%26#039;t look as bad as it used to be. My acne even cleared up a little bit. Just don%26#039;t go overboard on it.

If you decide to get it, use the mineral veil under the foundation to get rid of the oil even more.

(Ah ha ha. The irony...I just contradicted the post above me.)|||It%26#039;s really hard to look glowing instead of greasy when it comes to oily skin. I just started using Sephora%26#039;s mineral makeup and it really works! It doesn%26#039;t clog my pores and looks natural. I%26#039;m sure any mineral makeup would work just as well. Good luck :)|||Bare Minerals...just like a lot of other girls have said. Stay away from liquid foundation!|||well my doctor told me that clinique was it is the best and gives lots of coverage ;p|||i had the same problem like urs. But since the ime i started using %26quot;sheer cover%26quot; the problem is no more a problem. its again a mineral make-up which does wonders to ur skin. u can check the website out. i have%26#039;n yet tried bare minerals but have heard a lot of girls saying some good stuffs abt it. just dont use liquid make-up but instead go for mineral make-up.|||anything that is light and something that your skin will breathe in i recommend ella bache foundation why? because it has full coverage and your skin still breathes in it and it is also sunblock. do not use to much powder as it will block you skin up and make it worse try 2stick to natural things.|||I actually think bare minerals is great for acne. But i love pure makeup!

Has anyone tried bare minerals make-up? How is it for acne prone skin?

Bare Minerals (aka Bare Escentuals) is THE ONLY foundation / cover-up I will use on my face. I have very oily skin, and am therefore prone to breakouts, and I am actually able to fall asleep still wearing this make-up and wake up the next day problem-free. The claims they make about the product actually contributing to the health of your skin, in my estimation, are correct. There are no preservatives, talc, etc. that are damaging and comedogenic (pore-clogging). The finished look is very clean, not cakey or artificial. The only negative I can see is that the make-up line is a little pricey ($25 for the foundation, $22 for the application brush on, but a little goes a long way, and I find that it lasts me a good long time. If you%26#039;re just starting out with this line, try one of their starter kits. For $60, you get 2 shades of foundation, a Mineral Veil, the Warmth bronzer, 3 different brushes, and some other free stuff. It%26#039;s a great introduction to Bare Minerals, and it%26#039;s the kit that got me hooked. Hope this helps!|||I felt that bare minerals make-up does not cover up what%26#039;s the point?

Shiseido Pureness line is my personal fave for acne prone skin.|||There are other mineral makeups besides BE, too. Google %26quot;mineral makeup.%26quot; BE has a mineral that makes your face shiny. bizmuth oxide or something. Some people don%26#039;t like the shine and prefer the brands that leave out the bizmuth.|||Sephora themselves told me that for Caucasian women Bare minerals was %26quot;da bomb%26quot;, but African American women %26amp; other women of color were returning it in droves. Sephora (San Francisco) said that Bare Minerals makeup %26quot;greys%26quot; on very light complected African American women while brown skinned and darker females get a %26quot;orangey%26quot; color after wearing it. This is true especially if you have oily skin. Maybe its the oil or something. BECCA is an awesome line from Australia for women of color and Caucasian women also. I have the stick foundation, bronzing powder, eye make-up, and check colors and it performs very WELL! BECCA is available @ Sephora also. Superior line! Excellent!

I have oily acne prone skin, please give me ideas of foundation to buy at the department store/mall tomorrow.?

I prefer the high end brands, and I%26#039;m using some of my Xmas money to splurge on the Perfect foundation and concealer for my oily, fair skin. It needs to have decent coverage but NOT look cakey! I have the option of exchanging the off color foundion and concealer I recieved for Christmas from Clinique. Please help and thank you all for helping me. Have a great night!|||i have acne prone skin too and with good skin care i found that mineral powders work better for me but you kinda have to find which one works best for you and be sure to really get it all off at night|||i have oily, acne prone skin too .

for concealer , i use stuff from the bodyshop ,

maybelline works good too !

and for foundation i use maybelline mineral powder . i love it :] its so light it doesnt feel like your wearing makeup, %26amp; its definately not cakey ! it gives great coverage too !

hope this helps ! :]

-kaat,|||i love lancome%26#039;s teint idol ultra its $40 at sephora but it last all day,gives the perfect coverage its buildible and it never looks caky.i don%26#039;t know if their range of shades is good for you because i have olive toned skin so i don%26#039;t know much about fair skin make up.just go to sephora and they will know.don%26#039;t use m.a.c studio fix fluid though,i used it and it broke me out terribly,i had to got to my derm and be put on antibiotics and retin-a because of how bad my skin go.good luck:)|||Bare Minerals foundation is suppose to be the best for those prone to breakouts.

What is the best minerals foundation for acne prone skin?

If you have oily and acne skin, you should use mineral based makeups since they are light, gentle on the skin, won%26#039;t clog pores. Also, the minerals have anti-aging and sun protection properties that are good for the skin. Most skin care experts and dermatologists recommend to use mineral makeups.

For review of the best makeup for acne and sensitive skin, go to this website,鈥?/a>|||I%26#039;m wondering too.